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Just announced:  Adam has been approached to drive on the Professional PRO-LINE Pro2 Race Team





the gift of


Look for more from Adam himself as he gives you updates on new products, shares pictures and information on RC Fest 2014

Click the image below to watch a short video on why Adam decided to donate his proceeds to Community Blood Services of Illinois.

California style 2wd
1st Brandon Reich
2nd Mike Kirby
3rd Cameron Parker

California style 4wd
1st Tim Mohr
2nd Mike Kirby
3rd Greg Sopa

Figure 8 Open
1st Brandon Reich
2nd Craig Nelson
3rd Tim Mohr

Figure 8 with Trailer
1st Blake Roach (Which awarded him the Dinky R/C Trailer)
2nd Brandon Reich
3rd Ethan Warren


2wd Tug of war
1st Craig Nelson
2nd Christian Roach
3rd Mike Kirby

4wd Tug of war
1st Brandon Reich
2nd Craig Nelson
3rd Trace Bialeschki

1st Billy Smith
2nd Craig Nelson
3rd Andy Warren

Furthest distance: Cameron Parker Traveled 1915 miles from Beaumont California.
Best Aircraft: Cole Thompson
Best Donut: Sarah Field
Best Drifter: Alfred McDonaugh
Brandon Reich was again awarded the Grand Champion


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2014 R.C. Fest winners

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